Dentistry de-mystified

I was actually quite surprised the other day when a very close friend, who is educated and quite well versed and up to date with most fast paced developments of the current day told me she had no clue what veneers/ implants actually mean , and another doctor friend bought an over the counter whitening gel , which was quite harmful to the teeth,  she bought in coz of a strong marketing campaign.

It made me realise that people were not very sure of a lot of dentistry basics , as the general fear of dentists and the 'expensive' tag associated with dentistry , people do their own research and come to a lot of misconception due to advertising and marketing campaigns by non-dental people.

My aim is to have a simple , easy to understand explanations - regarding natural healthy teeth, the reasons for the problems , prevention and solutions for the different problems  and the possible complications for each treatment explained in a way that it makes sense to anyone and make decisions on what's best each of them.

I will try an answer some frequently asked questions regarding teeth/dentistry , my 18 years of dentistry practice and experience , I will try and answer common questions asked by patients.

If you have any specific question add comments on the blog!

​Children's Dentistry 

  1. What are the parts of healthy teeth?

  2. How many teeth should you have?

  3. When do children teeth normally?

Hygiene Queries 

  1. What is plaque and calculus?

  2. What happens when you brush?

  3. What happens immediately after brushing?

  4. What toothpaste to use

  5. Is a manual toothbrush good enough

  6. Which electric toothbrush to buy?

  7. Which is the best mouthwash available?

  8. Do I have to floss?

  9. Are there any bad effects of fluoride?

  10. Should I use an interdental brush?

  11. Why do my gums bleed? Should I use a soft toothbrush?

  12. I hate going to the hygienist, he/she leaves holes between my teeth and makes my teeth hurt after. Is it necessary?

  13. Do I have to use a tongue cleaner?

  14. How good is waterpik?

  15. Is Air floss better than waterpik?

Diseases of teeth, gums and mouth

  1. Why do I get ulcers?

  2. Why are my teeth sensitive?

  3. Does sugar cause damage?

  4. Does orange juice cause damage?

  5. Is even diet coke harmful?

  6. Is no-added-sugar squash harmful?

  7. Does teeth whitening damage teeth?

  8. Why do my teeth hurt?

Dental Treatments 

  1. What is a root canal treatment?

  2. Why does root canal treatment hurt this much?

  3. If I have a cavity what can I do?

  4. Can I take all my teeth out and have implants?

  5. what is an implant?

  6. Do implants last forever?

  7. Can smokers have implants?

  8. Can I straighten my teeth?



Prevention of Disease

  1. Is vaping harmful ?