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New Zealand dentist Exams and Jobs

Photo Credit - Dr Afrah Misbah

You“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Preparing for NZDREX Examinations

  • In 2015 the dental council have outsourced the equivalence exam to the first 3 parts of the NDEB conducted by the Canadian dental.

  • The other option is for them to do the ADC and transfer the registration exam

Jobs in New Zealand

  • A quick browse in some of these websites will be quite reassuring as there are people looking for dentists and willing to help with visas, all the required paperwork, so may be well worth for you guys to make some contact with some of these dentists, as I completely believe in the 'right place right time ' is the biggest thing in getting right opportunities and opening doors.... best of luck in your search. I shall attach some links below.

You could also check out the jobs

Experiences of dentists in New Zealand

  • Experience of others is always helpful to get an idea of the process, it will give you a gist of the move and if you want to proceed, join the facebook groups where you will get more details and information.Dr Lakshya kumar experience - very good!

Courses you can do

  1. Dr Pal Lucky , Atlas Dental Scholars


  • Structured Daily Task Program + Group Discussion program - $850 AUD

  • Daily Task +Group Discussion + Individual Discussion Program - $950 AUD

  • Running a course in India, to practice clinical skills and OSCE.

Facebook groups


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