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New Zealand Visa and PR

Photo Credit - Dr Afrah Misbah

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Visa and PR

Once you’ve obtained your NZ Dental Council registration and APC (Annual Practicing Certificate), you will have to apply for the relevant visa to entitle you to work in New Zealand. Dentists are no more on the long term shortage list but you can apply through one of the following options, depending on your circumstances :

NZ Working Holiday Visa Category (under 30 years of age)

  • Visa conditions are dependent on your country of residence and only apply to candidates up to the age of 30.

  • It is a 12 – 23 month visa, which can have set conditions or variations to the visa.

  • To apply for a Working Holiday Visa please follow this link to the immigration NZ website.

NZ Skilled Migrant Visa Category (under 55 years of age)

  • Using the ANZSCO which is a skill-based classification used to classify all occupations and jobs in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets.

  • This category applies for applicants between 18 - 55 years of age.

  • Assessment / eligibility is based on a points system (which includes, age, experience and qualifications).

  • For full information on moving to NZ as a skilled migrant, please visit this link to the Immigration NZ website.

Sponsored job visa

  • The best option is to get a sponsor will have to apply for a work permit for you The status of the dental profession is that there are are jobs in the remote parts of NZ , where you may have to stay for quite a few years till you get your PR.

  • You will usually get tourist visa which is usually for 1 year to go to write the exam , and then you will have sufficient time to make contact and find someone who can help you.

Working as Dental Hygienist / Therapist

If your qualification is not prescribed, you have two choices

  • The New Zealand Oral Health Therapy Registration Examination​ - If you want to register as an oral health therapist, and you do not have a prescribed qualification, you can sit the New Zealand Oral Health Therapy Registration Examination. The examination consists of two parts, written and clinical. You must pass the written examination before you can sit the clinical examination.(Cost for exam written - $3800 and clinical $5500)

  • If you do not have an overseas prescribed qualification, but believe your qualifications, training and experience are equivalent to a prescribed qualification for oral health therapy, you can apply for individual assessment.


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