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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

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  • The Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) is a new examination being developed by the Committee for an Integrated Examination (CIE), a special committee of the JCNDE.​

  • It is a cognitive examination intended to help state boards determine whether an individual has the entry-level knowledge and cognitive skills necessary to safely practice dentistry.​

  • This is s pass/fail exam and no numerical score.

  • The INBDE does not include a demonstration of clinical skills

  • It is expected to replace the current NBDE Part I in 2020 and Part II in 2022.

  • In anticipation of this launch, candidates from non-accredited dental programs who have NOT yet successfully completed the NBDE Part I: may NOT take the NBDE (Part I and Part II) after May 31, 2020.

  • If you have passed the NBDE Part I, and you have received eligibility from your dental school to take the NBDE Part II, you may take the Part II until administration ceases in 2022 or until you take the INBDE. If you forgo the NBDE Part II and test on the INBDE, you will have five test attempts on the INBDE. If you are unsuccessful on the INBDE, you will not be permitted to test on the NBDE Part II.

  • Candidates must wait a minimum of 90 days between unsuccessful test attempts. After their third failed attempt, candidates must wait one year before they can retest on the INBDE

  • They must take the INBDE to receive National Board Examination (NBE) certification, beginning August 1, 2020.

Apply to Take the INBDE

  • You will be asked to confirm that you have read the - Guide and agree to the rules and regulations.

  • A DENTPIN will be required to apply to take the test. If you have previously applied for, or taken, the DAT, INBDE, NBDE, or NBDHE, you already have a DENTPIN®. Retrieve, register, or get more information about DENTPIN.​​

  • Application form to be filled on ADA/INBDE

  • Cost of INDBE

  1. $680 is the exam (conducted by Prometric Inc. at locations in US and Canada)

  2. $210 for non - accredited graduates for admin to check the credibility

  3. $45 for additional score sheet to be sent

  4. $65 to audit the score to be done within 30 days

  5. $125 for extension of 45 days.

  • The total administration time is 12 hours and 30 minutes, including tutorials, scheduled breaks, and a survey.

  • This is taken over 1.5 days

  • Day 1 - 8 hours and 15 mins

  • Day 2 - 4 hrs and 15 min

  • Testing accommodations are offered to those with a qualified disability or a medical condition in order to offer equal access to testing. Candidates must request testing accommodations with each application.

  • In the electronic application to take the Examination, select “Yes” when asked whether testing accommodations are requested. and submit the following application.

  • The application process is different for if you are a student or a graduate ( but the advantage is you can give this exam while you are studying for BDS as well)

    • Dental Student in an Accredited Dental School​

    • Dental Student in a Non-Accredited Dental School

    • Graduates of Accredited dental schools

    • ​Graduate of Non-Accredited Dental Program (FTD)


1. Graduate of Accredited dental schools

  • A dentist who is an active, life or retired member of the ADA at the time of application is eligible for examination without further documentation.

  • An affiliate ADA member or a nonmember of ADA must submit verification that he or she is a dentist.

  • Such verification must be in the form of a letter of recommendation from one of the following

    • The secretary of a board of dentistry of a United States licensing jurisdiction in which the individual is licensed or eligible for licensure as a dentist.

    • The dean or registrar of an accredited dental school from which the dentist graduated.

  • must have evidence of graduation verified and submitted by the dean, director, or registrar of a CODA-accredited advanced dental education program in which the dentist studied or is studying at the postgraduate level.

  • The letter must state the name of the school that granted the D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree, the exact degree granted, and when it was granted.

2. Graduate of Non-Accredited Dental Program (FTD)

  • If a candidate does not have a DENTPIN, they must register for one through the DENTPIN homepage prior to submitting an ECE report.

  • The Department of Testing Services will discard ECE reports that cannot be matched to a DENTPIN using the candidate supplied name and date of birth.

  • Candidates must have official dental school transcripts verified by Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE).

  • Confirmation occurs as follows:

  1. Contact Educational Credential Evaluators Inc. (ECE) and request a General Report. ECE will indicate what documents are required, the manner in which to submit them to ECE, and the applicable fee have it sent by ECE to the Department of Testing Services.

  2. Only official reports electronically transmitted from ECE to the Department of Testing Services will be accepted. Personal copies are not acceptable.

  3. The Department of Testing Services will not process an examination application before the required ECE report is received.

  4. The candidate’s name as it appears on the ECE report must match the name on the candidate’s application exactly. Any name changes must be accompanied by legal documentation.

3. Dental Student in a CODA or CDAC (Canada) Accredited Dental School

  • A current student in a CODA-accredited program is eligible for examination when the dean (or designee) provides confirmation that the student is prepared in all applicable disciplines.

4. Dental Student in a Non-Accredited Dental School

  • A current student attending a non-CODA-accredited program will be eligible only for the INDBE.

  • The student must also request that an Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) report as advised for Non-Accredited graduates.

  • Additionally, these students must have their status confirmed by their educational program, through the completion of the Certification of Eligibility form.

  • Completed certification forms must be sent by the educational program and must include both the seal of the university and the signature of the dean or registrar.

  • After a candidate’s application has been processed, they will receive an email with testing appointment scheduling instructions.

  • Candidates can visit or call 800.688.5804 to schedule a testing appointment. The Prometric contact centre will NOT schedule an appointment with a candidate before receiving authorization from DTS.

Test Drive at the Prometric test centre (before actual exam date)

  • The test centre will electronically capture the identity of each candidate biometrically (e.g., through fingerprint, palm vein print, photograph) before candidates can proceed with testing.

  • Candidates must consent to these procedures before they are permitted to test.

  • Electronic capture of biometric data allows for an easier and quicker return to testing after breaks. ​

  • In 30 minutes, candidates can preview what they will encounter during their official test administration session, including:

    • the scheduling and registration process

    • the complete check-in process.

    • introduction to test centre staff and surroundings.

    • a live 15-minute sample test (generic test not INBDE) to experience the testing process.

    • full preparation for the real examination.

    • Visit Prometric’s Test Drive for further details and pricing.

Electronic Notification of INBDE Eligibility

  • The timeline for processing your application depends on your status as an applicant. The eligibility requirements are outlined in the Guide.

  • Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email notification concerning your eligibility to test and instructions for scheduling an appointment. Please check your spam folder if you are unable to locate the notification.

  • After your application is processed, you must take the test within six months.

Preparing for INBDE

  • INBDE exams are still a bit of a mystery with awaiting exam study content to be released soon from a few institutions, In the meantime, this is all the information I could gather.

  • The best source of information is from FB groups - join them and check the files section.

Practice Questions

Resources for studying

  1. Very good review on all the books for NDBE - but probably still relevant for INDBE

  2. Kaptest -courses feature expert instruction in an on-demand format with assessments.

  3. Exam Master – an interactive online test preparation tool

  4. First Aid Q&A for NBDE - Book

  5. Mosby’s Review for the NBDE -Book

Facebook groups

  1. Largest FB group - a good place to get your info and contacts. Be useful and share good content and positive comments - people generally like helping people.

Good Reads


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