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Letter of Recommendations(LOR) ​for Dentistry

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.”Walt Whitman

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The letters are crucial in evidence in supporting your application (be it a job/admission) as it is one of the only parts of the application that allows the application committee to learn about you from a third party that has worked with you in a professional setting.

  • A strong letter of recommendation from a local dentist that you have worked with addressing the 4 D's

  1. Depth of knowledge of the field

  2. Dependability

  3. Determination

  4. Dedication.

  • Dated is preferable.

  • 2 would be a good number from the country you are applying to give more credibility.

  • Good to mention leadership skills shown this list is non-exhaustive ( be useful and innovative!)

  • make a patient information leaflets

  • do newsletters

  • maintain their website

  • write up cases done by the dentist (with photographs)

  • arrange patient evening explaining OHI

  • Help make an implant list for the practice checking who all has had extractions in the past 5 years

  • do a questionnaire for denture wearers if they are happy

  • do an audit for the practice eg: record keeping/radiograph quality

Qualities to mention is

  • team player

  • time management

  • punctuality

  • kindness to patients/staff

  • chairside manners

  • going out of the way for someone

  • dealing with complaints

  • dealing with difficult patients

  • written appreciations from patients

  • helpfulness, cheerfulness

  • positivity

  • keenness to learn

  • knowing the legalities of the state

  • adhering to cross-infection (like washing hands before every session/hair tied)

  • knowledge of up to date research

  • knowledge of materials used

  • knowledge of instruments used

  • dental photography

  • So as you can see, if it needs to be written on your LOR you should achieve these and prove to be a very good and motivated person who would be an asset to any institution/practice.


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