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“How do you achieve success? Well, for one thing, you don’t define it before you achieve it.” -Robert Breault

Photo Courtesy - @indykadeer

Community Dental Service

Although this is not been mentioned as a credible activity, it has a lot of importance in most countries

  • You can be a part of the community service team from dental college

  • You can take part in dental camps

  • You can do a presentation in rural areas regarding smoking /betel chewing/tooth brushing

  • You can try and contact big companies like Colgate/ Sensodyne who would sponsor such events

  • You can do free dental check-ups and fluoride application in schools​

Volunteer Service


  • This is one of the things I never realised it is so easy to do in India as there are so many genuine people who need help and it is so well appreciated by any panel assessing you.

  • It is a great opportunity to be a part of a community and feel like giving back, about compassion and selflessness.

  • It shows that you are a team player, and will use your time, energy and profession for the betterment of the society. (Actions speaks louder than words)

  • This need not be anything about dentistry, but it paints a very good picture

  • More importantly, you become a better version of yourself.​

  • Dental Volunteering can give more insight into the profession and things to talk about during an interview as well as your SOP.

  • Have it up on your social media page and do it with more reputed NGO and get a certificate for it if you can.

  • Do a few so it's not a tick box in the application but that it becomes a passion and a lifestyle.

  • Believe that when you truly give you will be truly benefited.

International options

I am sure there a lot more if you can share links please do on the comments below.


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