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Preparing for ADC

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"If you want to fly , give up everything that weighs you down " - Gurubogsa

Preparing for ADC

Experience of others is always helpful to get an idea of the exam I shall attach a couple of write ups from others who have given the exam which will give you a gist of the exams and if you want to proceed, join the facebook groups where you will get more details and information.

Experience of ADC - Isabel who recently passed.

My Name is Isabel Albende and I am from Santiago,Chile. I started my ADC Journey in 2018 when I attempted the ADC Part 1 exam, I took a course for preparation and it was by Dr Raza Abbas.

I passed the exam in 1st attempt.I went to apply for the Practical exam and did a few courses again in Melbourne for my Technical tasks preparation and got back to Dr Raza for the osces preparation.

I passed the practical exam in my 2nd attempt. Dr Raza is the Best person to go to for ADC Written exam and ADC Part 2 Osces preparation! His knowledge and teaching skills are amazing and I am sure its going to benefit everyone!It's really amazing how he does all the sessions individually with each candidate and his dedication is spot on! Moving on, I had to appear in an English test to get registered with AHPRA and after a few sittings I was able to get the required score and now I have a sponsor who is willing to sponsor me in Canberra, Australia and I am just waiting for all the paperwork to be completed before I start working for my lovely profession again. My advise to all would be-Believe in yourself,if you really work hard with true determination and passion, God will create opportunities for you! "

Some courses you can do if interested. ( I have not done any of these courses or do not know any of them personally )

1.Dr Pal Lucky (Atlas Dental Scholars).

  • Phone numbers - +64277897254 /+919592698895

  • Website

  • Facebook

  • Cost - Structured Daily Task Program +Group Discussion Program - $850 AUD

  • Daily Task Program + Group discussion + Individual Discussion - $950 AUD

  • You can practice the MCQ papers.

  • A course in India , to practice the clinical skills and OSCE.

  • They have some ADC courses, contact them for costs.

5.Raza Abbas

  • Runs courses in Australia

  • Dr Edward M Jayden contact details- +61 411 512 993

  • ​Theory is about 900US$

  • Osces 1400US$.

  • Call +61 411 512 993


  • Does online courses to help prepare for part 1

  • She and her husband both have finished this exams.

These are the few FB groups

(The no. of people in theses groups will give you some idea of your competition, but never fear your competition!! JO DAR GAYA SO MAR GAYA!! )

Interesting Reads and videos


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