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Vocational Training Equivalence/Performers List Validation by Experience. (VTE/PLVE) UK-4

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

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  • In England, all NHS Primary Care dentists must be included on the National Performers List held by NHS England that is managed by the Local Area Teams. To join the Performers List, the dentist must either have completed Foundation Training (AKA Vocational Training) or show equivalent training.

  • Depending on your experience and knowledge of NHS practice you may either need to just complete a portfolio or also undergo a period of supervised training. I hear these days it usually from 6-12 months. When I applied for my VTE, in 2008 I had made a fairly comprehensive portfolio and as I was working in private practice for 2 years, I could show all the competencies required and I had done about 150+ CPD in the 2 years, The dean gave me full equivalence.I am not sure it happens like that anymore.​

  • First, you need to apply directly to the practice that will be willing to take you as a trainee. The Practice does not get any funding for your training,(unlike VT students) so you will need to find a practice willing to invest in you and make an arrangement with your mentor. You will be working as an associate, but under mentor supervision who will need to for teaching and discussions. You can look for these jobs as advised in the working in the UK page.

  • Once you find a job the Dean will need to approve both the trainer and the practice. The trainer will need to have worked in the NHS for a minimum of four years and to have been at the practice for 2 years. They need to be able to demonstrate an appropriate standard of dental care and be of good standing in the profession. They are required to be in the practice for a minimum of three days a week. The trainer information from one of the deaneries is attached, it would be different for different deaneries. The details needed for a performer list application is given here.

  • One of the best sites on advice for the portfolio is given with templates you can print and use (when I did my portfolio, I had to make all this without much guidance) on the Southwest HEE website.

  • some more reading can be done from the below pages on the Royal College website


Over a five-year cycle, dentists are required to achieve Enhanced CPD of 100 hours. These are the recommendations from GDC, so you can start getting that ready while you wait for the VT.

  • Medical emergencies: at least 10 hours in each CPD cycle, and we recommend that you do at least two hours of this type of CPD activity every year.

  • Disinfection and decontamination: we recommend that you do at least five hours in each CPD cycle.

  • Radiography and radiation protection: if you undertake radiography, we recommend that you do at least five hours in each CPD cycle. If you are a dental technician, you can do CPD in materials and equipment, instead of radiography and radiation protection. We recommend at least five hours in each CPD cycle.

​​It is also recommended that you keep your skills up to date by doing CPD in the following areas:

  • Legal and ethical issues.

  • Complaints handling.

  • Oral cancer: early detection.

  • Safeguarding children and young people.

  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults.

Some other courses I would strongly recommend are

  • Introduction to NHS (most deaneries run this)

  • Health and safety

  • Equal Opportunities course

  • Perio update

  • Endo update

  • An anterior composite course

  • A posterior composite course

  • Dental photography (don't do it until you have access to a camera or the money to buy it)

Some websites you can check out for enhanced CPD

  1. Dentinal Tubules - u get all this and much more but a bit expensive but worth it

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